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The Profectional Company provides a range of quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Risk Management Education (RME) and Continues Professional Training (CPT) solutions to develop your professionalism and competence.  These courses are specifically aimed at lawyers and solicitors, as well as professionals working in the financial service industries.

As experienced education providers, we believe in offering courses that facilitate lifelong learning - that is, learning that stays with you for life.  We are therefore committed to providing high quality, innovative training solutions that produce real results.  Profectional® CPD programs are usually a combination of informative lectures and interactive workshops, with the aim being to encourage engagement so that you can benefit from our knowledgeable and experienced presenters.

When it comes to CPD courses, the scope of topics that we offer are practical and relevant to your practice.  With such a broad selection of courses to choose from, there are programs suitable for virtually any legal professional - no matter how experienced you may be.  We provide legal CPD courses which cover any amendments to the law and changes to the regulatory compliance rules, in order to keep you updated with the latest news.

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The Profectional Company is your perfect CPD program provider in Hong Kong.  All of our courses are fully accredited and approved by the necessary organisations, so you can rest assured you are learning from an education provider that meets (and in many cases exceeds) industry standards.  We are the education providers of choice for a number of reputable HK corporations and leading law firms, demonstrating our level of excellence.

If you work in the legal, financial or corporate sectors and are interested in continuing your professional development, contact us today to find out more about our range of RME, CPT and CPD courses!

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Judicial Review in a Nutshell
Judicial Review
in a Nutshell
14:30 - 17:45
A Comprehensive Guide to Ancillary Relief Law and Procedure in Hong Kong, with a Focus on the Court's Treatment of Post-Separation Assets and Pensions
Guide to Ancillary
Relief Law and
in Hong Kong,
with a Focus
on the Court's
Treatment of
Assets and
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